This blog is dedicated to the nerdy part of my work, and named in honor of character Seymour Birkhoff aka 'Nerd' in the TV Series Nikita.

My primary line of work is in the visual arts as DP and Colorist. I do have a long history as a tech savvy engineer though which comes in quite handy when dealing with camera technology and all the software used on set and in post production. I'm originally trained as a software engineer and spent many years building enterprise software, hardware, and web sites. I worked on some really cool stuff, including the world's largest e-commerce website.

On this blog I will share the insights, tips, and tricks I've learned over the years working with cameras, software, websites, and servers.

I do offer consulting services on a limited basis, because sometimes you just have to have a nerd on speed dial.

You can contact me at jan@janklier.com or call me at 914-334-8093.